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Swamp Man
Bred by Jessica Corya
Sire Tad Pole X Big Gulp
Born 1-2-12
# 325lbs .96 BF 7.7 LE 1.8 WDA
Stress : Negative
Owned with Kevin Wetovick, NE

2012 STC 1st Class 3 Boar This Tad Pole x Big Gulp son, purchased from Coryas in Springfield, offers us excellent length of side, blade, muscularity, stoutness and width of hip – all in a stress negative package.

We have great confidence that Swamp Man will take us yet another step forward. His dam is the mother of Demolition Man and a littermate sister to Swamp Man was Reserve Spot in the Team Purebred Junior Show. Semen available at North Iowa Boar Semen. Call Bill Owen at 1-888-797-2373.

Sire Kolt 45 X Leap Frog
Bred By Rassmussen Swine Farms
Born 12-20-11
Stress: Negative
Owned with Rasmussen Swine Farms

Introducing 5-1-5-0 Police Code for: Crazy And On The Loose Littermate to 2012 STC Champion “Firepower” at Hi Point. Purchased private treaty from Rasmussens after the STC, 5-1-5-0 offers unbelievable bone, rib shape, strength of top, width and structure.

Use this one with confidence. Also available at North Iowa Boar Semen. Go Crazy Folks – Get Noticed by all Competitors. 5-1-5-0.

Bred by Schminke’s
Sire Direct Hit X Target
Born 1-3-11
# 335lbs .75 BF 9.7 LE 1.81 WDA
Owned by NorthStar Gentics, Randy Schmidt, Robert Rasmussen

From perhaps the premier Chester litter born in 2011, Kandy Man is quickly garnering respect throughout the breed for adding muscle, bone and soundness. We are using him heavily and will continue to rely on Kandy Man to deliver the goods.

Owned with Schmidt and Rasmussen; semen is available by calling North Iowa Boar Semen at 1-888-797-2373.

Blowin Smoke
(Magic Touch X Ringleader)
Born 10-12-13
Bred by Kevin and Sarah Burke
Scan figures 295lbs – 10.8 LE - .72 BF – 1.67 WDA
Ear notch 1-6 – Stress Negative

Owned with Dustin Feldman, Rick Klemmesnson and Kevin Wetovick

When we found BLOWIN SMOKE at the WPX, he was not entered in the sale, and our first thought was, what were they smoking? It took a bid-off at the pen but we were able to load him up and bring him home. He has been a favorite since day one, and all that have seen him have appreciated him for his structural correctness and soundness.

His hip is near perfect which allows him to move freely. He is pulled apart from his chest floor to his rear. To top it off, this guy is heavy muscled with a big top and a big rump. We believe he wil make extremely easy selling barrows and gilts that will mature to be even better. So if you’re ready to blow away the competition, then Blowin Smoke is the right choice.

Fast N Loud
(Twin Turbo X Big Blast)
Born 11-12-13 Bred by Earl Malay
Scan Figures 320lbs – 10.8LE - .80 BF – 1.58 WDA
Ear Notch 5-6 – Stress Negative
Owned with Dustin Feldman, Rick Klemmesnson and Kevin Wetovick

If you have one speed on your way to the winners circle and like to be heard, then FAST N LOUD is for you. When we saw this guy, all we knew was he needed to come home with us. The best way to describe this guy is STOUT. If you like bone, then you found your guy. We could not get over the amount of bone this guy has, but yet he’s sound as a cat and structurally correct. If the bone and structure was not enough, he is pulled apart through his chest floor to his rear.

When you get up on top of him, he is one massive boar with great muscle shape, depth of body and spring of rib. He is going to see heavy use here, and we can’t wait to hold on for the ride he is about to take us on!

Common Ground
(Carbon Copy X Top Gun)
Born 1-2-13
Bred by Dustin Feldman
Ear Notch 3-4
Stress Negative

Owned with Dustin Feldman, Lindy Hinkleman, Hugh Belgard and Justin Lieir

Blizzard Warning
Belton purchase from Armstrong's. Sired by Just N Case and out of a Mack sow. Stood 2nd in class behind eventual Grand Champion (his littermate!). Four months after the show, while eating sow feed, he is still looking show ready. Big top, wide and square across his rump, bold fronted and wide chested. Feet and Legs are very good and he is sound. We believe he'll be a great one!

Drop out
Sire- Drop Shot X Out There
Born 8-12-11
Owned by Dustin Feldman, Steven Resler, Jason Hubly, and Reggie Voyles

Ryan Watje called him B6 – "Big Bodied, Big Boned, Big Back and went on to say he is flat out powerful!" Well we agreed with Ryan. When we saw this guy come up on one of his fall online sales we knew he needed to come to the Midwest. If you are serious about making barrows and gilts that will compete at any level look here. If you want hogs that can get out and move with that cocky up headed look he will do it. This guy has not stopped moving since we got him home he just gets out and floats on his feet and legs. This all ties into his near perfect and square hip that is set in him. He is level topped with a big thick back, deep ribbed with plenty of shape through his lower one third. This brings him down to the ground where he is truly wide from his chest floor to his rear legs and his feet meet the ground squarely and correctly. Oh by the way if you want hogs with appetite that can grow he can do that too!


Ramp It Up

This Rampage x Home Brew son, purchased at Belton with Center Prairie Genetics, Ill., and Scott & Bryan Bennett, Ill., will play an integral part in our 2011 breeding program. A rare find in the Spotted breed is a stress negative, structurally correct, muscular, well-balanced hog. Royally bred, we are excited to be partners with CPG and Bennett on RAMP IT UP. Semen available - call CPG at (815) 303-4625.